What to Expect on Set With Us

family photography at blink inc 6.jpg

Every day, we receive phone calls and walk-ins asking us what to expect on set at Blink Inc. So we thought we’d give you a little run-down of the experience most clients have with us when looking for professional, high-end photography.

01. Book Online

Our studio is unique in that everything we do is online. When you make an account (https://www.blinkinc.com/users/sign_up) with us, you’ll be guided through a simple booking process to guarantee the time slot for your photo shoot. From there, we’ll send you an email confirmation and reminder and you’re all set!

02. Show Up Early

You’re allotted only the time you’ve booked with us to set up, take photos, and clean up. If you arrive late, we can’t always guarantee you the entire ten or more minutes of your session. We would be happy to reschedule you if this were the case, but generally, to help us run through your photo shoot smoothly, plan to arrive 5 minutes early.

03. Bring Props If Desired

We offer an enormous, beautiful white backdrop, and gorgeous hand-crafted apple boxes to pose with during your photo shoot. Feel free to bring anything else you’d like to photograph. Our motto is, “If you can fit it through the door, we’ll photograph it.” Some past clients have brought in balloons, ice cream, blankets, signs, poppers, and even baby Emus (yes, it’s happened)- but feel free to get creative!

family photography at blink inc 3.jpg

04. Shop Online

After your photo shoot with us is finished, all of your photos will instantly be available for purchase from within your account on the Blink Inc website. Either follow the link in the email we send you after each session, or simply log into your account and access your photos from there. Each individual image is $10, or you can purchase the entire photo shoot for a discounted bulk price ($225 for a 10 min shoot, $375 for a 20 min shoot, etc).

05. Bonus: We Offer Both Color and Black and White

When viewing your images, you’ll notice the option to toggle between color and black and white. As a bonus, if you purchase your entire shoot, you’ll have access to both versions. If you’d prefer to purchase your photos individually, you’ll simply purchase whichever version you like for a flat price of $10 per image.

family photography at blink inc 1.jpg

Take your photos to any photo lab to make  professional prints from your shoot. You can see which retailers we recommend here.

We hope this post gives you an idea for your next photo shoot!

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