Why Blink Inc is Different (And Why You’ll Love Us)

Blink Inc is an incredibly modern twist on the typical photo studio, and the results are stunning.

What makes Blink inc different than the average studio?

01. Our Studio

The one with an entire white wall as a backdrop with bright lights constantly beaming. The studio that lights up your entire face, that brightness your eyes, that illuminates your freckles and captures the ferocious laugh of your little ones. Our space is huge to accommodate all our clients’ needs.

Blink Inc Mother and Son Photoshoot

02. Our Quality (A.K.A Our “Kiss”)

Bright, saturated, and crisp. Our photos consistently come out true to color, so there’s no need for post production and retouching. Thanks to our signature filter, your images are instantly transformed the second they’re captured to flatter every characteristic of your smile. We like to call this our ‘kiss’ filter.

Blink Inc Pet Photoshoot

03. Our Process

You only need ten minutes to capture most things with us. Our professional photographers all have degrees in photography and are trained to capture you, the ones you love, and the things you create – all in high-end, detailed photography. We promise to offer fun, easy, and affordable high-end photography with a simple pricing plan: just $25 for a ten-minute shoot, and every individual image you purchase after that is $10 each. Perfect!

Blink Inc BFF Photoshoot

04. Our Promise to You (The Experience)

You will love the way we capture you at Blink Inc! Our photo shoots are fast-paced and fun. The best part? All the photos from your shoot are available in your account instantly. The moment you leave our studio, you can log into your account from your phone or computer and your images will be there! From there, you can order your photos from the comfort of your own home. Your photos never expire. Fast and simple! Just like we like it.

These are only a few of the reasons why Blink Inc is different. Visit our studio to experience the difference for yourself!

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