Baby Photos!


We love baby shoots because babies are pretty unpredictable and they never stop amazing us with seriously cute, classic, and insanely funny facial expressions. Our photographers are more like baby whisperers when it comes to helping baby and mom, and dad, get the best looks and the most variety out of a shoot. Here’s a few tips and suggestions for your next baby shoot:

  1. It’s never too soon for a baby photo shoot. For the newborns we recommend a ten minute shoot. Ten minutes is plenty of time for shots of baby being held by mom, dad, both, and baby on a snugly or a blanket.
  2. Wardrobe for baby is important. We suggest onesies, socks, and caps. Try to keep it classic and timeless – solid colors and black or white will fall away and let your baby stand out. Naked is fine too as long as you have a blanket standing by. We want baby to be warm, comfortable, and happy!
  3. We love the shots of mom holding baby and there are a few ways we do this. One of our favorites is to ask mom turn her back to the camera while holding baby’s body and head with both hands and near her shoulder. This allows mom to stay almost completely out of the shot while positioning baby’s face to camera while supporting baby’s head.
  4. Blankets and sheep skins work great as a surface to lay baby on for a few shots. We suggest solid colors for a blanket — your baby will shoot beautifully on gray, dark blue, pink, and white.
  5. Feed your baby just before your shoot. Babies are a lot like super models — relaxed, happy, warm, and content babies make for better pictures!
  6. Many of our new born baby shoots follow on the heals of 9th month maternity shoots. Come in just before and just after — and let the birth announcement tell the story with shots from both shoots.
  7. If you’re planning to do photo shoot with baby and the siblings we suggest a twenty minute shoot. This will give baby a chance to get adequate time on camera with the siblings, mom, mom and dad, and the whole family.

All the our tips and suggestions should work well for kiddos from newborn to new walkers. When they are on the move so are we and items like blankets and sheep skins tend to just get in the way. Let them run free and we will follow…and jump…and help them have a blast so that we get to photograph a few smiles too!

For more information about Blink and our baby photos click here.

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