Some Tips for Your Profile and Headshot Photo Shoot

hmm model photoshoot blink inc 5

Many Blink customers use our photo studio to create their profile photos and head shot photos. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you come in to our studios for a photo shoot:

  1. Consider where and how your photos will be used. If they will live on multiple sites we suggest that you bring in at least one outfit change. This could be as simple as an alternate sweater or jacket. You should have different “looks” for different platforms and different audiences.
  2. Consider how much time you will need for your shoot. Many customers prefer a ten minute shoot for a quick photo shoot with outfit changes kept to a minimum. Other customers prefer a twenty minute shoot because this leaves enough time for more involved outfit changes, for example such as switching out suits or changing between a skirt and jeans.  We can capture about 90 photos during a 10 minute photo shoot, so you will have a good number to choose from to select your photo.
  3. Look sharp! We will help by minding the details and by getting you comfortable and confident on camera. You can help by coming in with your favorite outfits, clean skin, hair done up or freshly cut, and a great attitude.  The LinkedIn blog has an excellent article on how to select a professional profile photo for your LinkedIn profile that also has some good clothing tips for professional photos.
  4. Work with your photographer for direction on different poses. Our photographers shoot lots of profile shots every day and they are quick to notice what’s working for you and what is not. Don’t be afraid to take their direction – they are pros and you may love the results produced by the unexpected.  You can also review your photos during the shoot to make sure you are happy with how you look.
  5. Makeup: We love it. But go easy. Keep it natural with some detailed flair for “pop”. If you are having your hair and makeup done before your shoot make sure you tell your stylist that you are shooting in a studio. They may use different products to reduce shine and contour lines when on camera. Feel free to bring your stylist(s) to your shoot but please book plenty of extra time for them to set up, work on your “look”, and jump in for fit-and-finish during your shoot.  We recommend at least a 30 minute shoot if you are going to take breaks for makeup and styling during the shoot.

Blink is here to capture you looking your very best no matter how you come in to the photo studio.  To book an appointment for your profile shoot or head shot, or click the link to learn more about our profile photo shoots.

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