An Interview With Leslie Santos of San Francisco Surf Mama


Leslie Santos, 41, owns San Francisco Surf Mama, a coaching business that teaches women “how to flourish so their children stand a better chance of thriving.” Referred by a friend at the Golden Gate Mothers Group, Santos said: “I was looking for an artistic, price-friendly and easy way to get a few photos of my 5-year-old daughter for the holidays.” Her final impression? “BLINK INC was perfect!”

Q: Tell us about your BLINK INC shoots.

The first experience was personal: to simply capture my 5-year-old at the holidays. I wanted to capture her essence, her spirit, and her love for Christmas. The BLINK INC photographer’s warmth and enthusiasm put us at ease and Sophia immediately took to him and his camera. It was effortless and I loved the blinks. I used them in holiday cards and again in her birthday invitation. They are fresh, energetic, artistic, and sassy.

The second experience was for a specific purpose: I needed head shots for my coaching website. BLINK INC was my obvious choice for the price-point. I ended up using them on profile sites for social media. The photographer is so easy to work with. It’s not an easy task for a woman to stand in her skin for ten minutes and act like she’s a natural in front of a camera. As painful as that is, the BLINK INC photographers make it easier.


Q: Your daughter seemed pretty comfortable being in front of the camera. What was the experience like for Sophia?

She had a blast in front of the camera. Like a little rock star she posed naturally, paused long enough to adjust her posture, and waited for the photographer’s cues. I was shocked and in awe at her natural ability. There was no coaching required. Her comfort also made it easier for her father and me to enjoy our shoot with her.

When I saw the photos my face lit up. Her father and I sat together to view them, beaming from ear to ear.

Q: What makes Blink especially good for kids photo shoots?

BLINK INC’s ten minute shoot is perfect for kids! You are in and out effortlessly, and you risk nothing because you pay for what you love. BLINK has made updating photos of my ever-growing and ever-changing child fun, affordable, and exciting. If too much effort is required, busy mothers simply don’t have time for it.


Q: Why is it important to you that the blinks go instantly to the web? 

I appreciated receiving three different file sizes of each photo. This allowed me to instantly modify the use based on my end goal. And in this fast paced world, when I am in the zone- firing on all cylinders- on a creative project, I need the ease and functionality that comes with an instant download in three file sizes. Make my life easier so I can carve out more time to be with family.

Want to learn more about family portraits or headshots at Blink Inc? click here.

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