Earth Day Gift Guide: Desert, Forest, Mountain, Sea


Inspired by Portland Apothecary‘s four lines of herbal bath products, we teamed up with San Francisco curiosity shop Accident & Artifact to create four Earth Day gift guides: Desert, Forest, Mountain, and Sea.


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From the colors of the Santa Fe landscape to the textures of sand and rock, from the subdued pinks of sunsets in arid lands to the dried out shrubs that brave wind and sandstorms, the desert is full of promise. And, at times, full of empty promises: of a green oasis or a watering hole — the false hope of a mirage. But these beauties are no optical illusions, no tricks of the eye. 

From left: 1. Jess Feury Pilgrimage Woven Chain Necklace, $140. 2. Sara Paloma Vase, $100. 3. Portland Apothecary Desert Ylang Ylang Herb + Mineral Salt Soak, $16. 4. Portland Apothecary Desert Soap, $9. 5. Peter St. Lawrence Flask, $55. 6. Carol Koffel Tumblers, $25. 7. Peruvian Manta blanket, $230.


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Starting at the Bay Area and continuing up through the Pacific Northwest, our coast is dotted with awe-inspiring forests. Within reach are Muir Woods and Big Sur, home to giant redwoods and microscopic moss alike. A feast for every sense, the forest is bursting with musky aromas and shafts of golden light, fallen leaves and shedded bark, deep green algae pools and neon lichen fields. This spectrum can be found in these earthy gifts.

From left: 1. Carol Koffell Night Bowl, $140. 2. Hellbent by Beth Nauman Brass Bangles, $30. 3. Olo Argan Hair Oil, $40. 4. Olo Cedar & Rose Fragrance Oil, $45. 5. Portland Apothecary Forest Soap, $9.


Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 4.51.06 PM

Whether you’re a seeker of enlightenment, an outdoors adventurer, or a just a regular joe trying to achieve a headstand in yoga class, every person faces their Everest at one point or another. It could be their ancient pyramid shape or the ores of precious metals mined in their midst, simply the literal change in altitude or the figurative vicinity to the heavens. But there’s no mistaking it: the mountains hold a certain power, captured perfectly by this collection.

From left: 1. Portland Apothecary Mountain Rosemary & Juniper Herb + Mineral Salt Soak, $16. 2. Torreya Cummings Shot Glasses, $25. 3. Lila Rice triangle drape necklace, $240. 4. Portland Apothecary Mountain Soap, $9. 5. Ceramic serving dish, $120. 6. African Kuba Cloth, $40.


Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 4.43.41 PM

If you ask a deep-sea diver why they like to be alone in the vast ocean, their answers will be as varied as the flora and fauna growing in the murky depths. Who hasn’t dreamed of breathing underwater with the real-life giants of the animal kingdom, or of joining ranks with the mythological creatures our imaginations have invented? From crystal clear waters to kelp and seaweed shadows, indigo depths to turquoise shallows and whitewater caps: the colors of the sea can be yours.

From left: 1. Martin Salata Blown Glass Tumblers, $16. 2. Portland Apothecary Sea Soap, $9. 3. Hazel Cox Silk Wrapped Brass Kelp Bangles, $39. 4. Peter St. Lawrence Flask, $55. 5. Carol Koffel Dipped Bowl, $30. 6. Hazel Cox Bronze/Waxed Linen Orca necklace, $160. 7. Job & Boss Blocked Woven Shibori Indigo Dye Scarf, $88.

All products and props available for purchase at Accident & Artifact


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