BLINK TESTIMONIAL: Dana Weitzenberg of Lobstervine Web Design

CLIENT: Dana Weitzenberg, owner of Lobstervine Web Design.


Dana Weitzenberg was referred to BLINK by designer Jess Brown, who has used Blink to photograph her rag dolls and women’s clothing line. Check out Jess Brown’s BLINK experience here. We caught up with the entrepreneur, mother of two pre-teen boys, and new owner of a yellow lab puppy, to talk about her experience at BLINK.

BLINK INC: What made you want to come do a shoot at BLINK?
Dana Weitzenberg: When I started seeing the amazing photographs that Jess was sending to me for posting to her online shop, and she told me about how Blink works, I realized I had to try it for myself. I knew I wanted to recommend it to more of my web clients, and I wanted to be able to tell them all about the experience! Plus it was a great opportunity to get some photos of our new puppy and two growing pre-teen boys.

BI: Tell us about your BLINK INC photoshoot experience
DW: Scheduling the Blink photo shoot was the first “Aha!” moment. I got to pick my 10-minute window from a full online calendar. So easy and efficient! Then the photo shoot itself was fantastic. The fact that it was “only” ten minutes was a big selling point for two pre-teen boys (who were a little wary of the whole process).

“10 minutes is really all you need: we shot 108 photos in that time. We were in and out the door in 15 minutes flat. And then the most amazing moment of the whole experience: checking my iPhone in the car before I pulled out of the parking lot and finding an email from Blink Inc. with thumbnails of every single photo we had just shot. I could have ordered them right there from my phone; I couldn’t wait to get home and pore over them on a bigger screen.”


BI: What are the biggest advantages of shooting at BLINK?
DW:  I like shooting at Blink because the quality, efficiency, and turnaround time are astounding. And the pricing is perfect: for $25 [reservation fee] and $10 per photo, you can get incredible, professional photos for a fraction of what you’d pay for setting up a photo shoot with a professional photographer elsewhere. *To book a shoot similar to this, choose Package 1 ($25 reservation fee, $10 blinks a la carte, $225 BUY ALL).

BI: How was shooting at BLINK different than shooting at other studios?
DW:  I’ve done family photo shoots before and the amount of energy it takes to plan a time and location for the photo shoot, and then wander around trying to capture the best angle and light…it’s exhausting. Afterwards, I’ve had to wait days or weeks to see the results of the photo shoot and even then I have only been granted access to a few of the “best” shots. The experience at BLINK was so much better because so many of the external factors are removed: no worrying about location or lighting or meeting times, and then you get full access to all your photos.

BI: Aside from family portraits and commercial lookbooks, how else might you or someone else use BLINK?
DW: One out-of-the-box ways I think Blink could be used is for social media profile pictures. How many hours have been wasted poring through iPhoto looking for a profile photo, editing and cropping it, etc? With BLINK, in 10 minutes and for under $100, a person could get a set of amazing photos that would be perfect and professional (or crazy, or goofy, or whatever it is they want to convey in their online persona) to use as profile photos on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites, etc.

28_2013-02-12-00-10-03-95_cfBI: How would you define BLINK?
 Blink as a cool, hip, modern, affordable studio photography experience for the digital age.

BI: What sets Blink apart?
DW: Its integration of technology, its pricing, and its aesthetic.

BI: How would you describe the BLINK aesthetic?
DW: Clean, modern, no distractions.


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