Jessica Brown, 42, is the creative director, designer, and owner of Jess Brown Design, one of Blink Inc’s first (and favorite) regular users. Jess Brown is a Petaluma, California-based lifestyle brand of apparel and accessories, and beautiful handmade rag dolls.

BLINK INC: How do you use BLINK INC?

JESS BROWN: I have used BLINK shoots to create my seasonal buying guides/lookbooks for both wholesale and retail customers. I also use the blinks for all of my website visuals and press packets.


BI: What is the BLINK INC shoot experience like?

JB: The experience of the shoot is very simple. I bring everything I am planning on shooting, line it all up look by look, and have the collection shot in roughly 30 minutes.

What sets blink apart is the ease and quality of the entire experience. The lighting is perfect, the images are crisp and vibrant, and we get the gallery immediately. We can design our lookbook or update our website within an hour after leaving BLINK.

It’s also incredibly useful for instances when we need one piece shot quickly for an article coming out or an unexpected client needs a different image of a particular product. Other photo shoots are a full day experience involving not just blocked out time, but paying extra for a location or assistants, etc. A photo shoot at BLINK is very fast and very clean.


BI: How would you describe BLINK to a person who has not heard of us?

JB: Fashion photography for the masses!


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