Behind the Scenes (Watch Us Shoot)

HMM Model Photo Shoot Blink IncHMM Model Photo Shoot Blink Inc
We recently wrapped up an exciting model event on set at Blink Inc. Talent from Halvorson Model Management made their way into our studio to update their portfolio, and we had so much fun photographing them! It’s a special treat when we’re able to collaborate with fellow creatives, especially for a fun fashion shoot.

Take a peek at our behind the scenes video. We can guarantee our studio is something you’ve never seen before.

We love encouraging high energy on set. The higher the energy, the livelier the photos turn out. Our space is intentionally designed to be minimal and spacious to cultivate your creativity, and we’re constantly blown away by what you come up with while on set at Blink Inc.

HMM Model Photo Shoot Blink Inc
HMM Model Photo Shoot Blink Inc
HMM Model Photo Shoot Blink Inc
HMM Model Photo Shoot Blink Inc

Leave us a comment and let us know what photos you would love to take in our space next!

Host a Halloween Party at Blink Inc This Holiday Season

Halloween Costume Photo Shoot at Blink Inc

Halloween is just around the corner! Make the most out of the month of October and start planning your Halloween costume photo shoot with us.

Halloween Costume Photo Shoot at Blink Inc

We love nothing more than Autumn – when the season changes and the air is crisp; trees start shifting colors and families start decorating for fall. In the spirit of Halloween and autumn, we’ve come up with a few different ways to get creative in the studio this Halloween season.

Halloween Costume Photo Shoot at Blink Inc

01. Send a Halloween card with a photo of your costume to the ones you love.

They’ll love hearing from you, especially if they live far.

Halloween Costume Photo Shoot at Blink Inc

02. Decorate your home with framed prints of you and your family in costume.

This is truly a fun family photography event and we love playing such a large role in your family traditions.

Halloween Costume Photo Shoot at Blink Inc

03. Host a Halloween party at Blink Inc.

Book a half hour, bring cake and a few spooky props, and make great memories for your kids and their friends. This is especially great for class field trips or after-school get-togethers.

Halloween Costume Photo Shoot at Blink Inc

04. Make a book filled with your Halloween photo shoot.

We’ll be sharing a few different photo book resources that we’ve found and fallen in love with over the years. Stay tuned for that!

Halloween Costume Photo Shoot at Blink Inc

Let us know in the comments below how you plan to use the photos you take at Blink Inc this season.

Why Blink Inc is Different (And Why You’ll Love Us)

Blink Inc is an incredibly modern twist on the typical photo studio, and the results are stunning.

What makes Blink inc different than the average studio?

01. Our Studio

The one with an entire white wall as a backdrop with bright lights constantly beaming. The studio that lights up your entire face, that brightness your eyes, that illuminates your freckles and captures the ferocious laugh of your little ones. Our space is huge to accommodate all our clients’ needs.

Blink Inc Mother and Son Photoshoot

02. Our Quality (A.K.A Our “Kiss”)

Bright, saturated, and crisp. Our photos consistently come out true to color, so there’s no need for post production and retouching. Thanks to our signature filter, your images are instantly transformed the second they’re captured to flatter every characteristic of your smile. We like to call this our ‘kiss’ filter.

Blink Inc Pet Photoshoot

03. Our Process

You only need ten minutes to capture most things with us. Our professional photographers all have degrees in photography and are trained to capture you, the ones you love, and the things you create – all in high-end, detailed photography. We promise to offer fun, easy, and affordable high-end photography with a simple pricing plan: just $25 for a ten-minute shoot, and every individual image you purchase after that is $10 each. Perfect!

Blink Inc BFF Photoshoot

04. Our Promise to You (The Experience)

You will love the way we capture you at Blink Inc! Our photo shoots are fast-paced and fun. The best part? All the photos from your shoot are available in your account instantly. The moment you leave our studio, you can log into your account from your phone or computer and your images will be there! From there, you can order your photos from the comfort of your own home. Your photos never expire. Fast and simple! Just like we like it.

These are only a few of the reasons why Blink Inc is different. Visit our studio to experience the difference for yourself!

The New Way to Capture Your Annual School Photos

Family Photography at Blink, Inc.

Turn your children’s annual back to school photo into a family affair! It only takes ten minutes and you’ll walk away with dozens of heirloom quality digitals which you can print and cherish for a lifetime. Our professional photographers make for the perfect family photographer.

Family Photography at Blink, Inc.

The best part about Blink Inc is that we’ve transformed the traditional photo studio to deliver you crisp, saturated photos that perfectly capture those sweet candid moments between you and your family. It’s quick and simple. Just order any digitals from your session from the comfort of your own home. You can read all about how our photography studio works over on our website.

Family Photography at Blink, Inc.

There’s no need to stand still or hold a smile when you’re here with us. In fact, we encourage you to dance, jump, run, play, and have as much fun with us in our studio as possible. We like to think that our photos reflect the high energy environment that we strive to create.

Family Photoshoot at Blink, Inc.

Come take your annual family photo with us and our team of professional photographers this fall at one of our four studios, located in Corte Madera, Santa Clara, Newport Beach, and coming soon to Topanga Canyon! We can’t wait to help you document how sweetly your family grows!

Family Photoshoot at Blink, Inc.

Welcome to the New Blink Inc Blog!


We’re working on a lot of exciting new changes here at Blink Inc, and we’re elated to unveil our new blog!

blink inc blog photo dog

We plan to keep you updated on what’s new at our studios with posts a few times a month on Fridays. We ultimately want this space to serve as a beautiful catalogue of ideas for you to try on your next Blink Inc visit. We’re also eager to talk camera equipment, fashion in the studio, as well as feature some of our favorite local business owners and brands.

Mother and Daughter Photo Shoot at Blink Inc

Some new features on the blog to check out:

01. Categories

These are the different sections of the blog that will be organized into categories. We’ll post photos from fun photo shoots in each category regularly to show some variety of what is possible in the studio. So on your next visit, you can easily search these archives for ideas on how to utilize the Blink Inc photo set. If you stop by our studio for a shoot, you might even be featured on the blog yourself!

02. Sidebar

Here at Blink Inc, we love to make things easy and fun. In the sidebar, you’ll find links to all of our social media accounts, our featured photo shoots, and featured blog posts.

03. Newsletter

If you’d like to keep up to date with what’s happening at Blink Inc, we’re launching a newsletter soon. Get updates on events and news straight to your inbox. To be the first on our list, sign up below.

Host a Birthday Bash at Blink This Year!
Host a Birthday Bash at Blink This Year!

Be sure to keep up to date with us on Instagram and Facebook. We post daily and we’d love to see you there! See you next Friday for our first post on back-to-school photos.

– The Blink Inc Team


Blink Inc is Adding More Locations!

Blink Inc is expanding!  We have opened two more Blink photo studios, in Westfield’s Valley Fair mall in Santa Clara, and at Fashion Island in Newport Beach.  To schedule a photo shoot with one of our photographers, check out our photo studio locations page for more information.

Both new studios are open for family photo shoots and for product photo shoots.

Blink Inc Corte Madera – We are Relocating During Mall Construction

The Corte Madera Town Center is renovating their center court area and is also remodeling our space at 109 Corte Madera Town Center in the process.

This will require us to temporarily move the Blink Inc studio just down the row from our home on center court to 125 Corte Madera Town Center . We start remodeling 125 on May 21 and plan to open doors on or before June 7th.

Once Town Center has completed their construction and the remodel of our home on center court, we will be moving back to 109 – possibly in September of this year.  We look forward to seeing you soon at our temporary studio at 125 Corte Madera Town Center!

UPDATE:  The mall management have finally finished their center court remodel and we are now on track to re-open in our original location some time in the late summer!  Check here for more updates as we finalize our build-out schedule, or take a look at our photo studio locations page to contact a particular studio for updates.

Baby Photos!


We love baby shoots because babies are pretty unpredictable and they never stop amazing us with seriously cute, classic, and insanely funny facial expressions. Our photographers are more like baby whisperers when it comes to helping baby and mom, and dad, get the best looks and the most variety out of a shoot. Here’s a few tips and suggestions for your next baby shoot:

  1. It’s never too soon for a baby photo shoot. For the newborns we recommend a ten minute shoot. Ten minutes is plenty of time for shots of baby being held by mom, dad, both, and baby on a snugly or a blanket.
  2. Wardrobe for baby is important. We suggest onesies, socks, and caps. Try to keep it classic and timeless – solid colors and black or white will fall away and let your baby stand out. Naked is fine too as long as you have a blanket standing by. We want baby to be warm, comfortable, and happy!
  3. We love the shots of mom holding baby and there are a few ways we do this. One of our favorites is to ask mom turn her back to the camera while holding baby’s body and head with both hands and near her shoulder. This allows mom to stay almost completely out of the shot while positioning baby’s face to camera while supporting baby’s head.
  4. Blankets and sheep skins work great as a surface to lay baby on for a few shots. We suggest solid colors for a blanket — your baby will shoot beautifully on gray, dark blue, pink, and white.
  5. Feed your baby just before your shoot. Babies are a lot like super models — relaxed, happy, warm, and content babies make for better pictures!
  6. Many of our new born baby shoots follow on the heals of 9th month maternity shoots. Come in just before and just after — and let the birth announcement tell the story with shots from both shoots.
  7. If you’re planning to do photo shoot with baby and the siblings we suggest a twenty minute shoot. This will give baby a chance to get adequate time on camera with the siblings, mom, mom and dad, and the whole family.

All the our tips and suggestions should work well for kiddos from newborn to new walkers. When they are on the move so are we and items like blankets and sheep skins tend to just get in the way. Let them run free and we will follow…and jump…and help them have a blast so that we get to photograph a few smiles too!

For more information about Blink and our baby photos click here.

Some Tips for Your Profile and Headshot Photo Shoot

hmm model photoshoot blink inc 5

Many Blink customers use our photo studio to create their profile photos and head shot photos. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you come in to our studios for a photo shoot:

  1. Consider where and how your photos will be used. If they will live on multiple sites we suggest that you bring in at least one outfit change. This could be as simple as an alternate sweater or jacket. You should have different “looks” for different platforms and different audiences.
  2. Consider how much time you will need for your shoot. Many customers prefer a ten minute shoot for a quick photo shoot with outfit changes kept to a minimum. Other customers prefer a twenty minute shoot because this leaves enough time for more involved outfit changes, for example such as switching out suits or changing between a skirt and jeans.  We can capture about 90 photos during a 10 minute photo shoot, so you will have a good number to choose from to select your photo.
  3. Look sharp! We will help by minding the details and by getting you comfortable and confident on camera. You can help by coming in with your favorite outfits, clean skin, hair done up or freshly cut, and a great attitude.  The LinkedIn blog has an excellent article on how to select a professional profile photo for your LinkedIn profile that also has some good clothing tips for professional photos.
  4. Work with your photographer for direction on different poses. Our photographers shoot lots of profile shots every day and they are quick to notice what’s working for you and what is not. Don’t be afraid to take their direction – they are pros and you may love the results produced by the unexpected.  You can also review your photos during the shoot to make sure you are happy with how you look.
  5. Makeup: We love it. But go easy. Keep it natural with some detailed flair for “pop”. If you are having your hair and makeup done before your shoot make sure you tell your stylist that you are shooting in a studio. They may use different products to reduce shine and contour lines when on camera. Feel free to bring your stylist(s) to your shoot but please book plenty of extra time for them to set up, work on your “look”, and jump in for fit-and-finish during your shoot.  We recommend at least a 30 minute shoot if you are going to take breaks for makeup and styling during the shoot.

Blink is here to capture you looking your very best no matter how you come in to the photo studio.  To book an appointment for your profile shoot or head shot, or click the link to learn more about our profile photo shoots.

Blink Inc Photographs the SFMOMA Gift Guide

sfmoma gift shop product photography

Although the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art recently closed its doors for a three-year expansion project, SFMOMA On the Go has continued to put on exhibitions and programs throughout the Bay Area. One of the first successfully launched on-the-go initiatives is the beautiful new SFMOMA MuseumStore, located at 51 Yerba Buena Lane.

The store is impeccably curated with a vast array of colorful products, ranging from limited edition collaborations with SFMOMA artists to utilitarian accessories made by local craftsmen. Since we couldn’t wait to get our hands (and lenses) on a few items that caught our eye, Blink Inc teamed up with the SFMOMA MuseumStore for a visual gift guide that highlights their selection of local SF Made and SFMOMA brand products. All product descriptions are from the SFMOMA MuseumStore.

To learn more about how Blink Inc does commercial photography, or click here to schedule a photo shoot.

2. desktop1

SFMOMA Paintbrush PencilSFMOMA Burst Mouse PadSFMOMA Rubber Band Ball, Andrew Holder Mug. “Andrew Holder is an illustrator/designer living and working in Los Angeles. As part of the SFMOMA Artists’ Series, he creates a vibrant illustration of the SFMOMA and the Yerba Buena Art District of San Francisco.”


Oxgut Hose Company Fire Hose Slippers. “Exclusive designs with a heroic past. Oxgut Hose Co. offers high-end indoor & outdoor furniture and accessories—all hand-made using retired fire hose salvaged from U.S. fire depts. Portion of profits go directly to The Children’s Burn Foundation. While the name honors the first fire hose of ancient times, the materials are strictly modern. The rescued fire hoses that are otherwise destined for landfill are given a new life as part of these hand-crafted pieces. Serving both form and function in home, office and life.”


Parra Oversize Tote Bag. “This oversized tote bag features an exclusive design from Dutch artist Parra.”


This is San Francisco 2014 Wall Calendar 2014: “This is San Francisco Wall Calendar 2014 is based on the children’s travel guide first published in 1962 by M. Sasek.” I love You California Postcard Set by 3 Fish Studios: “3 Fish Studios is the home-away-from-home for Annie Galvin and Eric Rewitzer, painters and printmakers, husband and wife. Set of 6  postcards of Annie Galvin’s popular paintings.”


The MuseumStore’s book selections alone are worth the trip. Paying homage to the most quintessential elements of San Francisco culture, these must-reads cover everything from the beloved Tartine bakery to the bike routes of San Francisco, the Golden Gate to the Bay Bridge, all watched over, as San Francisco residents are, by Laurence Srinivasan’s sleek model of the Sutro Tower (for once freed from the grips of Karl the Fog). Bay Area Model Aluminum Sutro Tower Limited Edition by San Francisco architect Laurence Srinivasan. “Measuring 13″ high, this bright red Sutro Tower will fit nicely in a bookshelf or other smaller space! The sculpture is based on engineering drawings and photographs obtained from Sutro Tower Inc. The parts are water jet cut from 1/8″ aluminum, buffed and filed, and joined with a high-strength glue. The top connects with internal brass pins. The assembled tower is sandblasted, and painted with two coats of primer+paint for a durable finish.”


Bay Bridge: History and Design of a New Icon and Golden Gate Bridge: History and Design of an Icon, by Donald MacDonald and Ira Nadel: “An innovative landmark a quarter century in the making, the new eastern span of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge represents the latest spectacular chapter in the history of this storied structure. The new bridge’s architect, Donald Mac-Donald, teams up with author Ira Nadel to create this illuminating book. With friendly text and charming illustrations, Bay Bridge reveals the design decisions that have shaped the evolution of the bridge over the last century—from the history of the original bridge, through the planning of the new span, to the construction of its signature 525-foot-high white tower…..A friendly, informative look at the bridge’s engineering and 70-year history. This accessible account is accompanied by 70 of current bridge architect MacDonald’s own charming color illustrations, making it easy to understand how the bridge was designed and constructed.


Tartine Cookbook by Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson. “Acclaimed pastry chef Prueitt, and master baker Robertson share not only their fabulous recipes from Tartine Bakery, but also the secrets and expertise that turn a delicious homemade treat into a great one. Here their bakers’ art is transformed into easy-to-follow recipes for the home kitchen. Includes practical advice in the form of handy “Kitchen Notes”, and gorgeous photographs throughout.” Bay Area Bike Rides Deck by Ray Hosler. “This handy deck makes touring the San Francisco Bay Area by bicycle a snap. Just take along a single card and have a route description, mileage log, and 4-color map at your fingertips!”


Maptote San Francisco Zip Pouch Red by Maptote: “When a stylist and a cartographer fall in love and get married, what do they make? In the case of Brooklyn couple Rachel Rheingold and Michael Berick, they created Maptote, a line of products decorated with maps of locales both domestic and exotic.”


Susan Hoff Tool Bag Black Stripe by Susan Hoff. “Two layers of dacron sailcloth are sewn together to create four large exterior pockets on roomy yet slender shoulder bag. Hand-drawn stripes, with an additional interior flap pocket and a leather strap from horse reins. Reinforced hand stitching. Susan Hoff creates unique handcrafted bags and accessories inspired by her time spent at sea. The collections are inherently sustainable using primarily reclaimed sailcloth and leather. Each piece stands alone, distinctive in original design, character and craftsmanship.”

An Interview With Leslie Santos of San Francisco Surf Mama


Leslie Santos, 41, owns San Francisco Surf Mama, a coaching business that teaches women “how to flourish so their children stand a better chance of thriving.” Referred by a friend at the Golden Gate Mothers Group, Santos said: “I was looking for an artistic, price-friendly and easy way to get a few photos of my 5-year-old daughter for the holidays.” Her final impression? “BLINK INC was perfect!”

Q: Tell us about your BLINK INC shoots.

The first experience was personal: to simply capture my 5-year-old at the holidays. I wanted to capture her essence, her spirit, and her love for Christmas. The BLINK INC photographer’s warmth and enthusiasm put us at ease and Sophia immediately took to him and his camera. It was effortless and I loved the blinks. I used them in holiday cards and again in her birthday invitation. They are fresh, energetic, artistic, and sassy.

The second experience was for a specific purpose: I needed head shots for my coaching website. BLINK INC was my obvious choice for the price-point. I ended up using them on profile sites for social media. The photographer is so easy to work with. It’s not an easy task for a woman to stand in her skin for ten minutes and act like she’s a natural in front of a camera. As painful as that is, the BLINK INC photographers make it easier.


Q: Your daughter seemed pretty comfortable being in front of the camera. What was the experience like for Sophia?

She had a blast in front of the camera. Like a little rock star she posed naturally, paused long enough to adjust her posture, and waited for the photographer’s cues. I was shocked and in awe at her natural ability. There was no coaching required. Her comfort also made it easier for her father and me to enjoy our shoot with her.

When I saw the photos my face lit up. Her father and I sat together to view them, beaming from ear to ear.

Q: What makes Blink especially good for kids photo shoots?

BLINK INC’s ten minute shoot is perfect for kids! You are in and out effortlessly, and you risk nothing because you pay for what you love. BLINK has made updating photos of my ever-growing and ever-changing child fun, affordable, and exciting. If too much effort is required, busy mothers simply don’t have time for it.


Q: Why is it important to you that the blinks go instantly to the web? 

I appreciated receiving three different file sizes of each photo. This allowed me to instantly modify the use based on my end goal. And in this fast paced world, when I am in the zone- firing on all cylinders- on a creative project, I need the ease and functionality that comes with an instant download in three file sizes. Make my life easier so I can carve out more time to be with family.

Want to learn more about family portraits or headshots at Blink Inc? click here.

BLINK INTERVIEW: Jamie Mitchell, World Champion Paddleboarder

A 10x consecutive Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard Race champion, the 2012 ISA World SUP Championship Long Distance gold medal winner, and lauded big wave rider, Jamie Mitchell is recognized as one of the world’s ultimate watermen.


The elite ocean athlete came in to BLINK INC recently for a quick shoot. Though he has his own line of JM Paddleboards, Mitcho was repping Quickblade Paddles that day, his green QP gear popping against the white BLINK INC backdrop.


But nothing popped as much as Mitcho’s personality. In front of the camera he was just as he is in the ocean: positive, enthusiastic, and fearless. We caught up with the Australia native in the middle of a whirlwind eight-country tour to find out how he got his start, what it’s like during a race, and how he keeps his cool when facing an 80-foot wave.

Your traveling schedule is insane. Where have you been since you were here at BLINK INC and where are you headed in the next month?

Since BLINK, I went back to Newport Beach, then was in North Carolina [for the Carolina Cup’s elite race], flew from there to Nice, France, then to South Africa, and I just got to Monaco this morning. In the next month im off to London, Ill be here in Monaco for the Grand Prix, then to Germany, France, and Spain.

Where did you grow up and how did you get into surfing and paddling? And when did you go pro?

I grew up in a small town called Coffs Harbour. It’s in New South Wales, Australia. I started Nippers when I was five years old (which is like Junior Lifeguards) and learned to surf around about age eight. I got my first real sponsor when I was about 25.

Who did you come up with?

I grew up looking up to a couple of brothers, David and Scott Reeves, who were Ironman racers in my hometown. They took me under their wings and showed me a lot about the ocean. I also looked up to Tommy Carroll.

When you’re paddling into an 80-foot wave, what is going on in your mind?

Nothing but focus and being in the moment. I try not to think too much and let it happen.

Are you ever scared when you’re out in the water?

Of course. The ocean is a place to be respected no matter what the size or how conditions are. When you forget that is when it will let you know who’s boss.


Let’s talk about the Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard Race, which you’ve won ten years in a row. It’s 32 miles from Molokai to Oahu. Why is it called the “Channel of Bones?”

I think because it’s so treacherous and lots of lives have been lost in that channel. It’s super super deep in parts and that’s why you get the crazy conditions and currents.

Paddling that distance seems like a superhuman feat. In that trailer for your film about it, even Kelly Slater says it sounds “intimidating.” What made you want to do it the first time and what keeps you coming back?

The first time for me was in a team with a buddy of mine. Just wanted a holiday in Hawaii so it was a good excuse to go. I fell in love with it and the challenge and the great people that do it so I just kept going.

What was the pressure like before your tenth consecutive win?

Obviously there was some pressure but it was really from myself. I didn’t really try and listen to anyone or what people were saying. I knew what I had to do and I tried to keep it the same as the previous nine years.

What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

Just being able to wake up and do what I love. I love being able to play in the water and travel and meet great people. It’s the best. I’m very lucky.


You’re super active on social media. What do you like about being able to interact with your fans via social media?

I think its great to be able to have friends, fans, and family follow my travels and experiences. Hopefully they enjoy what I am doing and get to experience my life a little.

BLINK INC certainly enjoyed spending the day with Mitcho. We can’t wait to bear witness to his next move in the water.


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Mother’s Day is less than a week away. Thankfully, there are a few impeccably curated shops in San Francisco that offer exactly the kinds of gifts moms love. All products in this gift guide are available at one of three San Francisco stores: Mira Mira (MM), Gravel & Gold (GG), and The Voyager Shop (VS). Featuring flowers from Bi-Rite Market.

md11. Argentina Roses Wayuu bag by Guanabana http://guaná (MM). 2. Oaxaca Sandals (GG).

md21. Free People Navy Dip Dye Tee (VS). 2. Joshu & Vela Small Envelope Wallet in Natural (VS). 3. Won Hundred Double Wrap Belt in Electric Blue (VS).

md31. A + O White and Red Bead Necklace (VS). 2. Sheila B. Pink Chalcedony Drops (MM). 3. Nippon Kodo Pomegranate Incense (VS).

md41. Gravel & Gold Goods x Rachel Kaye NOIZ Bucket Bag (GG). San Francisco visual artist Rachel Kaye created this textile for San Francisco shop Gravel & Gold that is featured across their S/S 2013 line of clothing and accessories. Check out the inspiration board for the collaboration on Kaye’s website. 2. Vaxbo-Lin Disktrasa Dishcloth (GG).  Joshu & Vela Linen Scarf in Yellow (VS).

md51. Worn Well Faded Green Necklace (VS). Malia Landis Abalone Shell Dish (GG).

md61. A + O Orange Beads Necklace (VS). Gravel & Gold x Rachel Kaye NOIZ Gemini Top (GG).

md71. Holly Samuelson Clutch (GG). 2. Farm Tactics Burgundy Wallet (VS). 3. Joshu & Vela Medium Leather Zip Pouch (VS).

Happy Mother’s Day!


Though the timeless Mother’s Day gift is flowers, flowers are themselves quite time-sensitive. In other words, flowers wilt but photos won’t.


Book a photoshoot at BLINK INC for your mom or give her the gift of a family portrait. (We all know that there’s nothing a mom loves more than photos of her children and grandchildren.)

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 3.37.06 PM

Happy Mother’s Day, from BLINK INC.

Earth Day Gift Guide: Desert, Forest, Mountain, Sea


Inspired by Portland Apothecary‘s four lines of herbal bath products, we teamed up with San Francisco curiosity shop Accident & Artifact to create four Earth Day gift guides: Desert, Forest, Mountain, and Sea.


Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 4.45.17 PM

From the colors of the Santa Fe landscape to the textures of sand and rock, from the subdued pinks of sunsets in arid lands to the dried out shrubs that brave wind and sandstorms, the desert is full of promise. And, at times, full of empty promises: of a green oasis or a watering hole — the false hope of a mirage. But these beauties are no optical illusions, no tricks of the eye. 

From left: 1. Jess Feury Pilgrimage Woven Chain Necklace, $140. 2. Sara Paloma Vase, $100. 3. Portland Apothecary Desert Ylang Ylang Herb + Mineral Salt Soak, $16. 4. Portland Apothecary Desert Soap, $9. 5. Peter St. Lawrence Flask, $55. 6. Carol Koffel Tumblers, $25. 7. Peruvian Manta blanket, $230.


Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 4.49.51 PM

Starting at the Bay Area and continuing up through the Pacific Northwest, our coast is dotted with awe-inspiring forests. Within reach are Muir Woods and Big Sur, home to giant redwoods and microscopic moss alike. A feast for every sense, the forest is bursting with musky aromas and shafts of golden light, fallen leaves and shedded bark, deep green algae pools and neon lichen fields. This spectrum can be found in these earthy gifts.

From left: 1. Carol Koffell Night Bowl, $140. 2. Hellbent by Beth Nauman Brass Bangles, $30. 3. Olo Argan Hair Oil, $40. 4. Olo Cedar & Rose Fragrance Oil, $45. 5. Portland Apothecary Forest Soap, $9.


Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 4.51.06 PM

Whether you’re a seeker of enlightenment, an outdoors adventurer, or a just a regular joe trying to achieve a headstand in yoga class, every person faces their Everest at one point or another. It could be their ancient pyramid shape or the ores of precious metals mined in their midst, simply the literal change in altitude or the figurative vicinity to the heavens. But there’s no mistaking it: the mountains hold a certain power, captured perfectly by this collection.

From left: 1. Portland Apothecary Mountain Rosemary & Juniper Herb + Mineral Salt Soak, $16. 2. Torreya Cummings Shot Glasses, $25. 3. Lila Rice triangle drape necklace, $240. 4. Portland Apothecary Mountain Soap, $9. 5. Ceramic serving dish, $120. 6. African Kuba Cloth, $40.


Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 4.43.41 PM

If you ask a deep-sea diver why they like to be alone in the vast ocean, their answers will be as varied as the flora and fauna growing in the murky depths. Who hasn’t dreamed of breathing underwater with the real-life giants of the animal kingdom, or of joining ranks with the mythological creatures our imaginations have invented? From crystal clear waters to kelp and seaweed shadows, indigo depths to turquoise shallows and whitewater caps: the colors of the sea can be yours.

From left: 1. Martin Salata Blown Glass Tumblers, $16. 2. Portland Apothecary Sea Soap, $9. 3. Hazel Cox Silk Wrapped Brass Kelp Bangles, $39. 4. Peter St. Lawrence Flask, $55. 5. Carol Koffel Dipped Bowl, $30. 6. Hazel Cox Bronze/Waxed Linen Orca necklace, $160. 7. Job & Boss Blocked Woven Shibori Indigo Dye Scarf, $88.

All products and props available for purchase at Accident & Artifact


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BLINK TESTIMONIAL: Dana Weitzenberg of Lobstervine Web Design

CLIENT: Dana Weitzenberg, owner of Lobstervine Web Design.


Dana Weitzenberg was referred to BLINK by designer Jess Brown, who has used Blink to photograph her rag dolls and women’s clothing line. Check out Jess Brown’s BLINK experience here. We caught up with the entrepreneur, mother of two pre-teen boys, and new owner of a yellow lab puppy, to talk about her experience at BLINK.

BLINK INC: What made you want to come do a shoot at BLINK?
Dana Weitzenberg: When I started seeing the amazing photographs that Jess was sending to me for posting to her online shop, and she told me about how Blink works, I realized I had to try it for myself. I knew I wanted to recommend it to more of my web clients, and I wanted to be able to tell them all about the experience! Plus it was a great opportunity to get some photos of our new puppy and two growing pre-teen boys.

BI: Tell us about your BLINK INC photoshoot experience
DW: Scheduling the Blink photo shoot was the first “Aha!” moment. I got to pick my 10-minute window from a full online calendar. So easy and efficient! Then the photo shoot itself was fantastic. The fact that it was “only” ten minutes was a big selling point for two pre-teen boys (who were a little wary of the whole process).

“10 minutes is really all you need: we shot 108 photos in that time. We were in and out the door in 15 minutes flat. And then the most amazing moment of the whole experience: checking my iPhone in the car before I pulled out of the parking lot and finding an email from Blink Inc. with thumbnails of every single photo we had just shot. I could have ordered them right there from my phone; I couldn’t wait to get home and pore over them on a bigger screen.”


BI: What are the biggest advantages of shooting at BLINK?
DW:  I like shooting at Blink because the quality, efficiency, and turnaround time are astounding. And the pricing is perfect: for $25 [reservation fee] and $10 per photo, you can get incredible, professional photos for a fraction of what you’d pay for setting up a photo shoot with a professional photographer elsewhere. *To book a shoot similar to this, choose Package 1 ($25 reservation fee, $10 blinks a la carte, $225 BUY ALL).

BI: How was shooting at BLINK different than shooting at other studios?
DW:  I’ve done family photo shoots before and the amount of energy it takes to plan a time and location for the photo shoot, and then wander around trying to capture the best angle and light…it’s exhausting. Afterwards, I’ve had to wait days or weeks to see the results of the photo shoot and even then I have only been granted access to a few of the “best” shots. The experience at BLINK was so much better because so many of the external factors are removed: no worrying about location or lighting or meeting times, and then you get full access to all your photos.

BI: Aside from family portraits and commercial lookbooks, how else might you or someone else use BLINK?
DW: One out-of-the-box ways I think Blink could be used is for social media profile pictures. How many hours have been wasted poring through iPhoto looking for a profile photo, editing and cropping it, etc? With BLINK, in 10 minutes and for under $100, a person could get a set of amazing photos that would be perfect and professional (or crazy, or goofy, or whatever it is they want to convey in their online persona) to use as profile photos on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites, etc.

28_2013-02-12-00-10-03-95_cfBI: How would you define BLINK?
 Blink as a cool, hip, modern, affordable studio photography experience for the digital age.

BI: What sets Blink apart?
DW: Its integration of technology, its pricing, and its aesthetic.

BI: How would you describe the BLINK aesthetic?
DW: Clean, modern, no distractions.


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Jessica Brown, 42, is the creative director, designer, and owner of Jess Brown Design, one of Blink Inc’s first (and favorite) regular users. Jess Brown is a Petaluma, California-based lifestyle brand of apparel and accessories, and beautiful handmade rag dolls.

BLINK INC: How do you use BLINK INC?

JESS BROWN: I have used BLINK shoots to create my seasonal buying guides/lookbooks for both wholesale and retail customers. I also use the blinks for all of my website visuals and press packets.


BI: What is the BLINK INC shoot experience like?

JB: The experience of the shoot is very simple. I bring everything I am planning on shooting, line it all up look by look, and have the collection shot in roughly 30 minutes.

What sets blink apart is the ease and quality of the entire experience. The lighting is perfect, the images are crisp and vibrant, and we get the gallery immediately. We can design our lookbook or update our website within an hour after leaving BLINK.

It’s also incredibly useful for instances when we need one piece shot quickly for an article coming out or an unexpected client needs a different image of a particular product. Other photo shoots are a full day experience involving not just blocked out time, but paying extra for a location or assistants, etc. A photo shoot at BLINK is very fast and very clean.


BI: How would you describe BLINK to a person who has not heard of us?

JB: Fashion photography for the masses!


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